Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in Canadian men aged 15-40? With such an alarming statistic, it’s important to spread the word that testicular self-examination is an important thing for all men to start doing from puberty and beyond.

With April being Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, the charity Movember is encouraging men to regularly check their pair and know what their normal is, so they feel confident and comfortable going to a doctor if an abnormality presents itself.

“The reality is that 75% of Canadian boys and men are unaware that testicular cancer is the number one cancer in young men, and only 1 in 5 (22%) are confident they know how to check their own testicles.”

Movember CEO, Michelle Terry

According to Movember’s new research, it appears that there are a few barriers in the way of men taking charge of their nut health:

  • Only 22 per cent of Canadian young men feel very confident they’d be able to check their nuts/testicles for irregularities.
  • Shockingly, 1 in 4 Canadian young men shared they’ve never checked their pair.
  • While 70 per cent of Canadian young men say they would make a doctor’s appointment if they noticed something abnormal with their nuts/testicles, only 24 per cent say they would share it with their partner and even less (18%) would share it with a family member they trust.
  • Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) of Canadian young men would not visit a doctor unless their nuts/testicles were in extreme pain, with a staggering 35% saying they wouldn’t be due to embarrassment.

How to Do A Testicle Self-Examination

No pair is the same. Getting to know what is normal is the first step and young men should make sure they take the time to get to know their nuts.

Here’s how to check your pair, courtesy of the team at Movember.

Step 1: Steam 

Warm up in a steamy shower. This relaxes and loosens your nuts, getting them ready to be checked. 

Step 2: Roll 

With your thumb and finger, roll one testicle to get to know what’s normal for you. Check for any changes or anything painful. 

Step 3: Repeat 

Now repeat with the other nut.

Boys and men should carefully and gently roll each testicle, one at a time between their thumb and finger, checking for any changes or anything that doesn’t feel normal for them.

If something hurts or feels different like a lump or swelling, it’s important to make the time to get it checked out by a doctor immediately.

View and share an interactive tutorial here and read more information here.

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