Wondering what foods to add to your diet to increase your lifespan? Watch the video below to learn how certain foods impact aging and disease formation.

The Health Insider found the top 10 foods that have evidence of increasing longevity.


Here at The Health Insider, we’ve been researching different diet trends and started wondering – aside from avoiding excessive amounts of junk food, what makes diets like the Mediterranean diet or plant based diets so effective in preventing disease and possibly even increasing lifespan?

After some digging, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 foods that have evidence of increasing longevity.

1. Allium and Cruciferous Vegetables

Foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, and garlic can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, according to a study from Science Direct.

They say cruciferous vegetables are mainly hailed for their ability to prevent breast cancer. Allium vegetables are known to prevent colon cancer because they contain quercetin.

Quercetin is a natural plant pigment found in these foods that inhibits the formation of tumours in the colon.

2. Tree Nuts, Peanuts, and Walnuts

Tree nuts and peanuts can reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease, according to a study by Emilio Ros. For women, Ros said nuts could also reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Some studies also suggest these kinds of nuts could possibly reduce levels of hypertension and inflammation as well as possibly prevent cancer.

Researchers in the US saw a greater life expectancy by just over a year in people who ate 5 servings of walnuts per week versus those who didn’t.

3. Berries

A study from the American Neurological Association found that regularly eating blueberries or strawberries could delay cognitive decline by up to 2 and a half years.

A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that regularly eating blueberries could also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Many berries also contain quercetin, as an added benefit.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. According to a study from Scientific Reports, eating them regularly can prevent diseases such as a stroke, heart attack, or diabetes.

5. Beans

Many beans contain quercetin. Science Alert found that red kidney beans have the highest concentration of quercetin, making them a possible powerhouse against the development of colon cancer.

Pinto beans, on the other hand, contain very little.

6. Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms

Mushrooms in this category include truffles, chanterelles, and porcinis. They are an anti-inflammatory food that can possibly prevent cardiovascular disease, according to a study from Hindawi.

7. Salmon

The Journal of Internal Medicine reports that eating salmon can reduce your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

The Cleveland Clinic says that there are fewer risks associated with eating wild-caught salmon versus farmed salmon.

8. Green tea and coffee

Coffee may be able to reduce your risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack, according to a study from the American Heart Association. Green tea can improve your prognosis if you have experienced either.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which may help with cancer prevention according to the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer.

9. Turmeric

The APJC review also stated that turmeric may prevent the formation of intestinal tumours and abnormal tissue growth.

10. Ginger and Raw Honey

APJC found that ginger and honey, which are high in antioxidants, have antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties. Regularly eating either could reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

Dark honey varieties like manuka or buckwheat honey have evidence of containing less water and a higher concentration of beneficial properties, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

None of these are a cure-all for living longer. Overall diet and exercise as well as family history also play a role in longevity and disease formation.

Try out these ingredients in your next meal and reap the rewards of naturally beneficial foods.

Ashley Keller, The Health Insider

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