If you ever needed a reason to play games, keeping your brain strong and agile is as good as it gets.

Everybody knows the human body goes through many changes as it ages, but neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to adapt and change in response to new experiences, learning and environmental stimuli — tends to fall by the wayside as an important part of health as we age.

Slowing down the aging process is a billion-dollar health industry. Brain health is an important part of this industry, with supplements and other wellness and medical strategies presenting options for people interested in longevity.

Brain Changes With Time

The brain goes through a number of changes as it ages, from memory loss to shrinkage in certain areas. These changes start as early as 40 years of age, and progress as each decade passes.

The good news is that the brain is incredibly adaptable, thanks to its neuroplasticity, or its innate ability to respond positively to new and ongoing stimuli. Longevity can be achieved for the brain as much as for the body, by engaging your brain’s innate capacity for change throughout your lifetime.

There are many ways to keep the brain active and healthy while aging. These can include activities such as learning a new instrument or language, doing daily crossword puzzles, or going back to school to learn something totally new.

One of the most accessible ways to engage the brain and leverage its neuroplasticity, however, is through brain games that can be played directly on your mobile phone.

What Are Brain Games?

Brain games are exactly what they sound like: games designed to challenge the brain that not only do you enjoy playing, but that also stimulates your brain to keep it sharp.

One recent study found frequently engaging in brain-challenging activities was associated with a lower risk of developing dementia among older adults.

Brain games usually fall under these categories:

  • Cognitive training. In cognitive training games, your brain’s processing speed and reaction time is tested, often through the act of matching symbols or sounds.
  • Logic and reasoning. This type of game tests the player’s ability to spot patterns and make logic-based decisions.
  • Memory. Memory games challenge the player to memorize a pattern, a selection of images, or a series of words, and then recall them properly.
  •  Focus/Attention. Attention games make the player concentrate on a particular task, remaining alert and focused.
  • Problem-solving. These games involve critical thinking or strategy and learning from mistakes in order to find the right solution.

Leading Brain Game Apps to Download

Today, almost everybody has a phone, allowing easy access to tap into your brain’s neuroplasticity through virtual platforms.

Targeted brain training apps typically include a selection of games, as well as other features like score tracking, comparisons with other players in your age group, and tips on maintaining your brain health.

Here’s a quick look at three of the most popular brain game apps:


Launched in 2007, Lumosity was one of the first apps to lead the way in brain training, and it remains the industry leader today. Over 85 million people have been mentally challenged by games designed to engage the brain’s problem-solving, memory, focus, processing speed, and overall flexibility.  4.5 / 5 in Ratings and Reviews


Peak offers short, challenging mental workouts, in addition to a virtual coach that helps you track your progress. This app will have you doing mental gymnastics with tasks designed to stimulate your memory, focus your concentration, engage your problem-solving finesse, and much more. Peak was designed using research conducted by scientists from Cambridge and Yale Universities. It features over 40 brain games and gives you the opportunity to compare your results with other users.  4.5 / 5 in Ratings and Reviews


Elevate offers brain games that are designed to be as entertaining as they are challenging, engaging your communication and analytical abilities, as well as memory and reading comprehension. This app features over 35 games, including a daily brain training reminder and progress tracking.  4.7 / 5 in ratings and reviews.


With a claim that it’s the “most rigorous program available for better brain health”, it is backed by over 100 scientific papers showing benefits and the culmination of 30 years of research in neuroscience and brain health.  It’s a training system that claims to improve brain performance, including perception, memory, attention and cognitive function.  4.4 / 5 in ratings and reviews.Most targeted brain training apps don’t offer unlimited play. Rather, they are built on the premise that a certain amount of daily training is enough to keep your brain quick and foster greater longevity.

Taking a few minutes to play a challenging game or two every day is not only a treat you can give yourself, but also an important tool in keeping your brain sharp.  After all, a healthy brain is key to maintaining a healthy body and a more engaged and sustained life.

So, go ahead and play.

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