Cancer support groups and resources are essential for greater wellbeing and quality of life. The Health Insider compiled the following listing of provincially-funded cancer support resources available to Canadians from coast-to-coast, covering support for patients, caregivers, relatives, and communities.

National Services

Canadian Cancer Society: Living With Cancer

A central hub for online resources from the Canadian Cancer Society, including adjusting to a cancer diagnosis, helping someone who’s been diagnosed, life after treatment, advanced cancer, and how to cope with a child’s cancer. CCS also provides a national, toll-free Cancer Information Helpline with trained professionals who can provide general answers to your questions about cancer or cancer prevention.

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is a national network of patients, families, survivors, friends, community partners and sponsors. Its mission is to work together by taking action to promote the very best standard of care, support, follow-up and quality of life for patients and survivors.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Provides information and support on palliative and end-of-life care for people with cancer and their caregivers. It includes a variety of resources, such as articles, videos, and discussion forums, on topics related to pain management, emotional well-being, and caregiver support.

Cancer Support Community

Provides online support and information to anyone affected by cancer. Support may be provided through weekly groups, open discussions or instant messenger.


Crossroads4Hope has short-term individual support and ongoing group support with social workers and child life specialists who can support the emotional and social needs of you and your family as you cope with stress in your daily life.

HopeSpring Cancer Support Center

The Peer Support Program at HopeSpring offers peer support to cancer patients and their caregivers. Trained volunteers provide peer support through a Zoom video call or over the phone. The peer support program aims to provide peers with someone they can relate to and build a healthy peer relationship with.

I Had Cancer: Online Cancer Support Community

I Had Cancer is a cancer support community that empowers people to take control of life before, during and after cancer. This peer-to-peer support allows survivors, persons living with cancer and supporters/ caregivers to share experiences about treatment, side effects, long term effects and more.

Know Cancer Community

Know Cancer offers persons living with cancer a large resource directory and the possibility to connect online with a virtual community in order to share their experience and get support from other members.

MacMillan Cancer Online Support Community

MacMillan’s online community provides emotional support to people living with cancer through forums and chat groups.


A network of cancer support centers located across Canada that offer a wide range of programs and services for people affected by cancer, including support groups, counseling, educational workshops, and wellness programs. Their services are offered free of charge to cancer patients, caregivers, and their families.

Services by Province (& More)

Canadian Cancer Society: Community Services Locator

An extensive directory that helps cancer patients, family, and caregivers find the services they need with over 4000 cancer-related services listed. Use the following categories when searching to narrow your results and find relevant support services near you: location, cancer type, service category (patient, family, caregiver), service type (online, phone, in-person), services for (LGBTQ+, newcomers, parents, seniors, survivors, youth, etc.), and language.

Services by Cancer Type

Anal Cancer Support: A Bum Rap

Based in Ottawa, A Bum Rap is an emotional support group for past and present anal cancer patients and their families. Support, encouragement and advice is offered by the group to patients from their initial diagnosis through their treatment and life after treatment is finished.

Bladder Cancer Canada: Online Discussion Forum

Bladder Cancer Canada provides several ways for patients, families and friends of those living with bladder cancer to get support from peers. There is phone support, an online community and group meetings. is an education and support lifeline for millions of people affected by breast cancer offering patients and caregivers with trusted educational content, community conversation, personalized recommendations, support, and multimedia resources.

Breast Cancer: My Cancer Breastie Network Inc.

This network has two peer support programs, one for women currently in active treatment and a post-treatment recovery program. My Cancer Breastie provides a safe and supportive environment for young women to reclaim their story during the inevitable transformation that occurs after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer: Rethink Breast Cancer

Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity helping young people who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. They offer support, education and advocacy programs to meet the needs of young people with breast cancer. They also provide information and tools on risk reduction for young people concerned about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Canadian Breast Cancer Network

This network is Canada’s leading patient-directed organization of individuals concerned about breast cancer. CBCN strives to voice the views and concerns of breast cancer patients through education, advocacy activities, and the promotion of information sharing. 

Breast Cancer: Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation

The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization setup to offer financial assistance programs to help men and women with breast cancer.

(Metastatic) Breast Cancer: Extraordinary Moments

Online resource that aims to raise public awareness of metastatic breast cancer and to offer support to women living with the disease, as well as to their caregivers and family members.

Colorectal Cancer Canada

Colorectal Cancer Canada offers virtual support groups and patient education sessions via Zoom. The support groups are moderated by a Patient Support Counselor and offer a safe space to engage in disease education and peer support. Patient education sessions also cover topics of importance to patients, caregivers and their loved ones.

Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network

A group designed to provide evidence-based information and support to people afflicted with all stages of colorectal cancer. Caregivers and family members are very much welcome.

Gynecological Cancer: HysterSisters

HysterSisters provides online support for women with gynecological cancer concerns (from diagnosis to surgery through recovery and beyond).

Head and Neck Cancer Support Society

The Head and Neck Cancer Support Society is a community-based organization of volunteers, working in partnership with researchers, health care professionals, agencies and service providers, to provide peer support to persons diagnosed with and/or recovering from head and neck cancer and their caregivers. 

Kidney Cancer Association

The Kidney Cancer Association is an international charity organization for persons living with kidney cancer, their loved ones and health professionals. Support for patients and families is offered through a telephone helpline, online Chat and a forum available on the website.

Kidney Cancer Canada

Kidney Cancer Canada is a charitable organization created and led by patients and their loved ones ever since it was founded in 2006. It is dedicated to supporting patients living with kidney cancer and their families by improving their quality of life.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada: 

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada offers an array of services in order to improve the quality of life of persons touched by cancer, educate the general public and finance research, including a peer support “First Connections” program.

(Chronic Myelogenous) Leukemia: The Canadian CML Network

The Canadian CML Network provides information and emotional support to people living with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and their loved ones. Information is available on the Web site and through live webcasts presented by experts.

Liver Cancer: Canadian Liver Foundation

The Canadian Liver Foundation provides services to persons with liver disease, including liver cancer, including a pairing support network and national helpline.

Lung Cancer Canada

Lung Cancer Canada is a charitable organization providing educational resources to patients, families, health care professionals and interested members of the public. They also provide emotional and coping support to lung cancer patients and family members.

Lung Health Foundation: Lung Cancer Supports

The Lung Health Foundation has resources for lung cancer patients and caregivers that include support groups, peer to peer support and 1:1 support.

Lymphoma Canada

Lymphoma Canada is a non-profit corporation, providing support groups and peer-mentoring programs that match screened and trained volunteers who have experience with lymphoma (mentors) with patients and caregivers who are seeking support (mentees).

Lymphoma Research Foundation: Lymphoma Helpline

The Lymphoma Research Foundation is the nation’s largest lymphoma-focused health organization devoted to improving care through education and support services and improving outcomes through investment in the most promising lymphoma research.

Melanoma Canada

Melanoma Canada is a National organization dedicated to coordinating education and prevention efforts, raising awareness, providing a strong voice for advocacy, support services and programs for melanoma and skin cancer patients and caregivers. 

Myeloma Canada

Myeloma Canada is a non-profit organization created by, and for people living with multiple myeloma. Programs include emotional support to patients, families, and caregivers with group support across Canada.

Myeloma: International Myeloma Foundation

The International Myeloma Foundation is a non-profit organization with thousands of members throughout 140 countries. It is dedicated to offering support to multiple myeloma patients and their loved ones as well as to the medical community.

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Canadian MPN Network

The Canadian MPN Group is a collaborative effort to improve the care and research in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms, providing information about MPNs, MPN Treatment Centres, Patient Support Groups and Clinical Trials in Canada.

Neuroendocrine Tumour: Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society

Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society offers support at no cost to patients, caregivers & families, providing support and education for Canadians on all aspects of Neuroendocrine Tumours.

Ovarian Cancer Canada

Access a variety of supports and resources online and in your area from the comfort of your home. Here you will find local support groups, online communities, 1:1 support options, and informative resources focused on living with ovarian cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada

A national not-for-profit organization committed to fighting pancreatic cancer. They provide Canadians with information on the disease while offering services for patients and their families.

Pancreatic Cancer: Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society

Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society is a national charity dedicated to both increasing survival and improving the quality of life for every Canadian diagnosed with pancreatic cancer through awareness raising, education, support and research.

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC works to ensure that events, programs and services continue to support and educate prostate cancer patients and their loved ones across Canada.

Prostate Cancer Patient Empowerment Program

PC-PEP is a 6-month home-based comprehensive health-promotion program for men with Prostate Cancer. Daily emails and videos over 6 months will focus on various health promoting components to reduce side effects and optimize your post treatment recovery.

Prostate Cancer Support

Working in conjunction with prostate cancer support group leaders across the country, Prostate Cancer Support Canada aims to ensure that the thousands of men living with prostate cancer, their families, and loved ones can access quality support services no matter where in Canada they live.

Prostate Cancer: Partners in Prostate

A support group meeting designed to be a safe space for partners of prostate cancer patients to share their experiences. Partners of any sex or gender are welcome to the monthly meeting and online forum.

Prostate Cancer: TrueNTH Canada

TrueNTH Canada exists to support and guide you every step of the way through your prostate cancer diagnosis. They are a collaborative prostate cancer program funded and created by Movember, currently active in 11 countries across the globe, including Canada.

Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada

The Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada is a national organization dedicated to providing patient support and education while working with Canada’s research institutions to eradicate the disease.

Skin Cancer: Save Your Skin Foundation

Save Your Skin Foundation is a national not-for-profit advocacy group dedicated to leading the fight against skin cancer through nationwide education, advocacy, and awareness, while providing compassionate care and support to those touched by the disease.

Stomach Cancer Foundation of Canada: My Gut Feeling

My Gut Feeling is a non-profit organization that offers support, education, advocacy and awareness about stomach cancer to patients, survivors, caregivers and the general public. 

Testicular Cancer Canada

Testicular Cancer Canada is a community-based organization dedicated to bringing awareness and educating the public about testicular cancer. Emotional support is offered by volunteers to men with testicular cancer, as well as their families, to help them reduce their own distress associated with cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Canada

Thyroid Cancer Canada provides resources and support to help patients cope with their diagnosis. They provide telephone and web-based support along with printed educational material, meetings, seminars and fundraising events.

Services by Culture

Financial Resource Guide for Chinese Cancer Patients

Created by the University Health Network, this financial resource guide provides a summary of financial resources that you might be eligible for.

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC: Richmond Chinese Prostate Cancer Support Group

Based in Richmond, BC, this foundation provides help to Chinese-speaking men, but everyone is welcome. Their support groups provide emotional support and information for persons with prostate cancer and their loved ones.

South Riverdale Community Health Centre

The South Riverdale Community Health Centre offers a monthly educational Chinese Cancer Support Group in Cantonese and Mandarin to adults with cancer, caregivers and family members.

Tsudoi Japanese Breast Cancer Support Group

Tsudoi is a Japanese cancer support group based in Vancouver, providing national services. Focused on the concerns of breast cancer patients and their family and friends, Tsudoi provides peer support over web chats, emails, phone, and occasional get-togethers.

African Cancer Support Group

The African Cancer Support Group is a support group for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers for Africans, Caribbean and Black Canadians, for all types of cancers.

The Olive Branch of Hope: Cancer Support Services

The Olive Branch of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2001 by breast cancer survivors to provide support and promote awareness of breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer in women with a particular focus on “Women of African Ancestry.”

The Walnut Foundation: Prostate Cancer Support in The Black Community

The Walnut Foundation provides support to Black men diagnosed and are being treated for prostate cancer, using their experience as prostate cancer survivors to provide educational material and emotional support to help men through their journey.

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line

The Hope for Wellness Help Line is a toll-free, confidential helpline available 24/7 for Indigenous Canadians across Canada. It provides immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention, including support for individuals affected by cancer.

First Nations Health Authority – Cancer Care

The First Nations Health Authority provides resources and support for Indigenous Canadians affected by cancer. Their cancer care program offers information, resources, and support services for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship for First Nations communities.

Indigenous Cancer Care Ontario

Indigenous Cancer Care Ontario is a program that provides cancer care services for Indigenous Canadians in Ontario. It offers culturally appropriate cancer care navigation, support, and resources for Indigenous individuals and families affected by cancer.

Find more Indigenous support services here: Canadian Cancer Society Community Services Locator

Services by Group

Gay Men’s Cancer Online Support Group: Wellspring Cancer Canada

This online drop-in program is open to both gay men with cancer and their male partners. It provides an opportunity to meet with other gay men for discussion about cancer, the impact of the illness on lives and the challenges faced.

Young Adult Cancer Canada: Out with Cancer (Peer Support Group)

Out with Cancer is a safe and confidential peer-led themed virtual conversation offered over Zoom for 2SLGBTQIA+ people to connect with others diagnosed with cancer in a private, affirming, empowering online space.

Queering Cancer

Queering Cancer provides online resources such as, an extensive information database, free and low-cost courses, and a section for true stories from LGBTQ2+ people affected by cancer.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Rebounders Canada

Rebounders Canada is a grassroots support group created and run by adult survivors of childhood cancer. Opportunities are provided to meet fellow survivors through social events such as conferences, and camps for childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer Survivor Canada

Childhood Cancer Survivor Canada provides support to empower cancer survivors for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Used as trusted resources for navigating life as a childhood cancer survivor.

Cactus Cancer Society (formerly Lacuna Loft)

Provides support and programs to young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers between the ages of 18 to 45, providing a safe space where young adults facing cancer can connect, cope, and thrive with one another in an online community.

Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation

This organization funds research while delivering national programs to support children and their families at all stages of their childhood cancer journey.

Look Good Feel Better: Workshops for Teens

Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to helping women and teens manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment. The four complimentary online workshops provide critical information as well as the tools and techniques to feel beautiful and vital.

Young Adult Cancer Canada

Young Adult Cancer Canada provides support, inspiration and non-medical information to young people, age 15-39, dealing with cancer as a patient or the supporter of a patient.

Young Survival Coalition

Young Survival Coalition is dedicated to issues unique to young adults who are diagnosed with breast cancer. They offer resources, connections and outreach to help them feel supported, empowered and hopeful.

Cancer and Careers

Cancer and Careers empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace through free publications, career coaching, and a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer and their healthcare providers and coworkers.

Hope for Two…The Pregnant with Cancer Network

Hope for Two offers hope and support to women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Through a network of women around the world, Hope for Two matches each new member with a volunteer support woman who was once given a similar diagnosis.

Look Good Feel Better

A supportive community and learn to manage the appearance related effects of cancer. This organization provides free online and in-person workshops, prosthesis, along with wigs, headwear and appearance alternatives.

Man Up to Cancer

Man Up to Cancer inspires men to connect and avoid isolation throughout their cancer journeys. They are changing what it means to “Man Up” in the face of cancer. Man Up to Cancer is the helpful and headstrong community built to inspire men — and the people who love them — to connect and avoid isolation throughout their cancer journeys.

Other Services


All apps are available on Apple and Android devices in their respective App Stores.

Cancer.Net Mobile

An app from the American Society of Clinical Oncology that provides information on different types of cancer, treatment options, and side effects. It also includes a tool to track symptoms, medications, and appointments.


An app that helps people track their chemotherapy treatment, side effects, and medication schedule. It also includes tools for managing symptoms and communicating with healthcare providers.


An app that provides guided meditation and mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress and improve well-being. It can be helpful for people with cancer who are experiencing anxiety or depression. Requires in-app subscription after a 14-day free-trial.

Mindshift CBT

An app from Anxiety Canada that provides cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to help manage anxiety and stress. It can be helpful for people with cancer who are experiencing emotional distress.

My Cancer IQ

A website from Cancer Care Ontario that provides information on cancer risk factors, screening guidelines, and prevention strategies. It includes a tool to assess personal cancer risk and recommendations for lifestyle changes.


All books are available at your local bookstore, Audible, and Amazon.

“Cancer Hacks: A Holistic Guide to Overcoming Your Fears and Healing Cancer” by Elissa Goodman

This book offers practical advice for managing cancer treatment and side effects, including tips for diet, exercise, and stress management.

“Living with Cancer: A Step-by-Step Guide for Coping Medically and Emotionally with a Serious Diagnosis” by Vicki A. Jackson and David P. Ryan

This book provides practical advice for managing cancer treatment, including tips for communicating with healthcare professionals and coping with side effects.

“The Cancer Survivor’s Companion: Practical Ways to Cope with Your Feelings After Cancer” by Dr. Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins

This book provides guidance on coping with the emotional aftermath of cancer treatment, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“The Healing Journey: Overcoming the Crisis of Cancer” by O. Carl Simonton, Stephanie Matthews-Simonton, and James L. Creighton

This book offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment, including practical advice for managing stress, improving sleep, and developing a positive mindset.

“When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi

This memoir chronicles the author’s journey from neurosurgeon to cancer patient, offering a unique perspective on life, death, and the human experience.


All podcasts are available on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

“Cancer Buzz” hosted by Cancer Treatment Centers of America

This podcast offers advice and support for individuals with cancer and their families. It covers a range of topics related to cancer treatment and survivorship, including nutrition, mental health, and exercise.

“Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary” hosted by Matthew Zachary

This podcast shares stories of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, offering a unique perspective on life with cancer.

“The Cancer Connection” hosted by Dr. Selma Schimmel

This podcast shares stories of individuals with cancer and their journeys through treatment and survivorship.

“The Cancer Support Community” hosted by Cancer Support Community

This podcast features interviews with experts in the field of oncology, as well as individuals who have been affected by cancer. It covers a range of topics related to cancer treatment and survivorship, including emotional support and managing side effects.

“The Living With Podcast” hosted by Ellevest

This podcast offers financial advice for individuals with cancer, including tips for managing medical bills and planning for the future.

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