I’m sure you’d like to live a long life, but I’m sure you’d also like to have a lot of quality of life as you get older. And to achieve that, you have to focus on 3 tips for longevity that I suggest to all my patients.

1: You should make sure you are exercising regularly. Make sure your heart is strong, so do a lot of cardio exercise like walking and cycling, strengthening exercises like weights, and make sure you stay flexible. Stretching and yoga can help that.

2: Make sure you manage your stress. Negative stress is not going to help you, so make sure you learn how to do things like meditation, how to deep breathe, or how to do crafts and other activities which help to reduce and minimize the impact of stress on your life.

3: Socialize. Hanging out with people is such a beautiful thing to do and it really does impact your wellbeing. The more you connect with people, the better you feel. 

So, by following these three tips for longevity on a regular and consistent basis, you will live a long life filled with quality of wellbeing. Your health is in your hands.

Dr. Kleinberg is the Director of a successful multidisciplinary wellness practice in Toronto established in 1983. With over 39 years of experience treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and providing advice on wellness and rehabilitation, Dr. Kleinberg is interested in helping Canadians live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

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