Pregnancy and maternity are incredible journeys filled with joy, anticipation, and sometimes, challenges. With so much attention focused on IT adoption in healthcare, it didn’t surprise us at The Health Insider that pregnancy technology, or “Preg-Tech” has captured the minds of innovators around the world.

When one considers the current state of reductions in health care and social support availability, consumers are increasingly relying on mobile and web-based apps that provide resources and information wherever and whenever needed. 

The Health Insider is excited to present some of the most exciting and popular apps designed for the mobile phone and in most cases, available for both Apple and Android:

A few words of caution when choosing an app for pregnancy tracking or for other purposes related to pregnancy:

  • Check the source of the information.  Is it an accrediting College for Obstetricians and Gynecologists or is it a random social media site?
  • Think twice about what personal information you enter as the built in security with these types of apps often leaves big vulnerabilities.  (Then again, so do most apps out there!)
  • Just because an app indicates you’re at your peak fertility time, it’s no guarantee of a pregnancy.  The assessment of optimal fertility can still vary among apps and may entail other variables not accounted for.
  • The Health Insider cautions against making important medical decisions and assessments over checking with your doctor.  We recommend always double-checking with your doctor who has a fuller picture of your medical history.

With that said, here is our list for our top 9 pregnancy apps, all of which but one are available on both the Apple and Android platforms:

AppWe like it because:iOS / Android
1.Pregnancy + TrackerGreat 3-D animations included along with superior tracking toolsBoth
2.Ovia Pregnancy TrackerExtensive tracking with some customization capabilities.  Users love the “comparisons” feature.Both
3.What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby TrackerDaily articles and short videos as well as extensive tracking.Both
4.The BumpArticles and updates are aligned with your stage of pregnancy.  Users love this app.Both
5.Pregnancy Tracker: AmmaWith over 10 million downloads, this successful users love the ultrasound pics at each stage and found the interface really enjoyable to use.Both
6.Baby Center’s Pregnancy App &
Baby Tracker
Apart from “bump pic” capabilities, users also love the articles and find them to be timely and relevant.Both
7.Pregnancy Tracker Week by WeekUsers love the kegel exercises and the fact that the ads are relevant and unobtrusive.iOS
8.PeanutGreat capability to connect with other women Both
9.Sprout PregnancyAmazing 3D real-to-life imageryBoth

We invite you to try these apps and let us know what you think.

As we embrace the future of maternal care, these apps stand as a testament to the potential of innovation in fostering healthier pregnancies and more confident mothers. So, whether you’re a first-time mom or embarking on another pregnancy, consider inviting these apps into your life – because nurturing life’s most precious moments deserves nothing but the best support at your fingertips.

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